China Business Builder

For companies that need a partner to guide them through establishing their in-country presence


You’re all-in on China and you don’t want a third party to stand between you and the market. What you need is a expert that can to help you figure out what needs to be done. For 20 years we’ve been helping global technology companies in China like yours do just this. Whether you need a full managed solution or just need us to fill a gap, we are here


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Lower your setup costs and avoid strategic and operational pitfalls 

Avoid the trial and error of navigating the complex, and ever-changing, steps that global technology companies in China need to go through. With China Business Builder, you will not only lower your costs and time to market by well over half, but will be correctly positioned and active in your market when you take over all operations from ADG.  

Entity establishment

If you decide to go this route, we’ll coordinate all of the multitude of tasks and paperwork needed to create a wholly-owned-enterprise (WOE) for your company in China 


Joint-venture creation

Another way to create your in-country presence. We will work with you to identify and negotiate with potential JV partners

HR & hiring

We will work as your in-country HR and recruiting team in order to put the executives and other staff in place for your long-term growth (we also provide this as a standalone service)


Trademark registration & protection

We will research and identify any and all trademark issues for your brand in China, and help you to take steps to bring all infringements under your company’s umbrella

Piracy search & rectification

Many global technology companies in China have revenue waiting to be collected from legitimate customers that might not even be aware they are using pirated IP. We’ll work with you to track and rectify this lost revenue

Regulatory & tax guidance

We’ll work with you and third-party specialists to navigate the regulations, tax codes, and other legal issues Western companies need to comply with to do business with Chinese customers


Marketing build out

We will not only help to register your website and social media accounts, but will also get them rolling for your team

Partner management

We’ll transparently advise and guide you on your partner programs, building out relationships and driving engagements and deals

Value proposition & positioning

Successful Western technology  providers position their solutions to meet Chinese business needs – we’ll work with you identify and flush out these angles

ADG’s work went beyond our expectations. We can definitely recommend them if you want to get beyond the surface and touch the real dynamics in China.

Heini Zachariassen


We can pay a global consulting firm a million dollars for a big report or we can hire ADG to identify real deals, walk us into C-level execs, know what each side wants and how to structure it to make it happen.

Ben Gilbey

Head of Mobile Asia, PayPal

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