2021 Whitepaper:

Proof that Western tech companies can win in China

If you’re a Western technology company considering the China market, you need to read this in-depth look at how a US software company – that had rampant piracy of its products before it even entered China – methodically built out its China business. By Q1 2021, less than 18 months after entry, China became the company’s fastest growing market!

In this whitepaper you’ll learn how they adapted to the China market, including how they:

  • Overcame rampant piracy
  • Used omni-marketing to drive brand awareness & trust
  • Established an in-country reseller program
  • Created an innovative pricing and purchasing system

 Download the report to learn how they did it! 

From the report:

“The company’s products are well known globally, with
the vast majority of customers outside of China buying
directly from its global website. At first, the client
thought its popularity meant that Chinese enterprise
customers could be attracted through basic inbound
marketing to support its already high brand awareness.
However, piracy was so out of control that it was a real
challenge for any potential buyer to understand if they
were buying authorized products or not.

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