Virtual Market Presence

For companies looking to enter the China market but need a faster and less resource intensive way to get started and improve ROI


Our Virtual Market Presence service leverages ADG’s existing China entity, experienced business team and unique partnership model to get your brand and business operating legally in China at fraction of the time and resources compared with traditional approaches. Stage your China investment over time based on real market performance


We're interested!

Leverage our existing China entity and expertise 

With Virtual Market Presence, we’ll help you sell you products and services while also offering full support and direction on marketing, IT, hiring, trademarks, tax and regulatory matters and everything else needed to run a successful business in China: 



Prove out and validate your China thesis with a real in-market presence while maintaining a controlled investment

Sales & business development

We act as your sales team on the ground in China, leveraging our 1,000s of contacts at potentials customers and partners


You're in control

We advise and we facilitate, but you make all final decisions on where and how fast you would like to grow



We work with you to launch and operate you marketing, such as: running your social media presence; setting up websites & ecommerce platforms; running PR campaigns; attending marketing events; and more

Third-party experts

We maintain a trusted local network of qualified third party specialists in China that may be needed by you at certain times, such as legal and HR


Operating permissions

We will apply for and secure the necessary licenses and assets needed to operate and protect your interests in China, including ICP, trademarks, domains, and more

Value proposition & positioning

Successful Western technology providers position their solutions to meet Chinese business needs – we’ll work with you identify and flush out these angles

Partner identification & introduction

Referral partners, strategic partners, OEMs – if you’re looking to distribute your solution or product, we can help connect you

We have strengthened our China footprint through our alliance with ADG, which has a strong local presence and broad relationships in the market.

Jim Milton

COO, Convergys

They provided us an immediate local China presence with a deep and broad relationship network helping us close deals quickly and effectively.

John Wastcoat

VP Business Development, Brooktrout Technologies

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