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Western companies – and the investors and governments that support them – need a partner with deep knowledge and experience in order to get the most out of an untapped market as large as China’s. We’ve worked diligently for the companies listed below, and we’d be happy to speak with you about how we can assist your China go-to-market efforts!


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Western technology companies looking to enter and expand their sales, partnerships and business operations in China work with us for many reasons, including our deep knowledge of their sectors and customers in China. Whether they provide IoT, SaaS, mobile, or any of the other types of solutions listed below, we are honored to work with many of the leading venture-backed and public technology companies in the world.

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  • Self-service data analytics
  • Conversational AI
  • IOT and Cloud OS
  • IOT and Cloud OS
  • Cloud content delivery
  • Life sciences analytics
  • Life sciences analytics
  • Molecular cloning software
  • Device audio processing
  • Bioinformatics software platform
  • AI speech recognition
  • Data analytics platform
  • Biometric authentication
  • Scientific informatics software
  • Clinical trial design platform
  • Depth perception platform
  • Mobile location solutions
  • Device connectivity solutions
  • Wine marketplace
  • Mobile app advertising
  • Global weather data
  • IoT SaaS/PaaS platform
  • Contactless device payments
  • Online payment solutions
  • Mobile payments
  • Customer engagement
  • Enterprise voice solutions
  • Communications software
  • Data analytics & measurement
  • Fraud and spam management
  • Machine vision & depth sensing
  • Natural language processing
  • Mobile device distributor
  • Cloud to edge software
  • Mobile location advertising
  • Process automation solutions
  • Enterprise networking
  • Device security and privacy
  • Smartphone keyboard
  • Device speech technologies
  • Converged services
  • Cloud infrastructure software
  • Digital engagement
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Mobile network optimization
  • Robotics development platform
  • Bluetooth software solutions
  • Device management
  • Personalized audio sound
  • IoT authentication
  • Global roaming connectivity
  • 5G semiconductor IP
  • Computer vision
  • AI voice computing
  • IoT service delivery
  • Android app transcoding
  • Device benchmark applications
  • Mobile traffic analytics
  • Media processing solutions
  • Converged services
  • Internet intelligence
  • Mobile video platform
  • Radio semiconductors
  • Mobile data management
  • Broadband service optimization
  • Enterprise voice solutions
  • Session border controller
  • Device test automation
  • Device connectivity
  • IP telephony platform
  • Application development
  • Media servers
  • Analog/mixed-signal ICs
  • Mobile customer experience
  • Device management
  • Enterprise networking
  • Enterprise networking
  • Enterprise predictive analytics
  • Communications semiconductors
  • Wireless broadband
  • Communications networking
  • Software integration
  • Mobile language training
  • Audio quality optimization
  • Mobile billing platform

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